The Wonder of This World

Updated: Jan 13

Where is the Wonder

In this World?

I am longing to

Explore the unknown

and what's behind the curtain

That green solid

velvet curtain,

That masks such beauty and wonder

And that's what we need...

Is the Wonder

The Magic

The Music

That's what we need.

And we're moving into

A world that's all

based on money and facade and expectation.

And it breaks my heart.

And I have bills to pay.

And yet I am so drawn

To this Wonder.

I know there's potency there

And potential

I feel this weight of responsibility.

And I'm being pulled in

All directions.

I want to believe it's gonna happen.

I do believe it's gonna happen.

I guess...

I'm just ready.

~ Femeka

What do you Wonder ?

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